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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BizyGlobe? is a worldwide local business directory online. Listed with local businesses, promotions, customer reviews, recommendations and more, it is an easy search-and-find business directory for today's mobile customer visiting from across the city, country or somewhere. Promoting the local business in a global view, draws today's mobile customer to the local business in a better form.

Global business directory?!?! How can it promote my local business?

Today's mobile customer does not need to be a local visitor from neighbourhood, could be a visitor from across the street, city, country or anywhere. Listed with local business pages, is an easy search-and-find business directory for today's mobile customer to locate a local business quicker.

How is it different from other business directories?

Unlike other business directories, BizyGlobe does not list a local business to promote another third party advertisement. Meaning, a free or paid listing, a business page is owned by the listed business and promoted for only the listed business. Featuring local businesses with their business ad/banner, promotional coupon, image gallery and promotional video, BizyGlobe is an excellent business directory to promote a local business in a wider view.

Subscription and listing types?

Preventing any spammy, virtual businesses added by third party agents or bots, BizyGlobe allows only a payment-backed listing. With the prime objective to promote local business in global view, BizyGlobe offers two types of listing subscriptions for a nominal cost. Basic listing is a minimal-cost listing subscription that allows the listed business to be searched, displayed, rated, reviewed, shared and recommended to friends by registered users on the directory platform. Premium subscription is an excellent low-cost listing subscription to feature the business with its business ad/banner, promotional coupon and promotional video on the platform.

Great! a cost-effective and better-alternative, but any catch?

Absolutely NO catch. Unlike other business directories, is not an advertising platform for third party advertisements to occupy your listing pages, nor compensated by pricy listing subscriptions. Our prime objective is to provide you a cost-effective, better-alternative business promotion platform where your thriving local business can be promoted well in a wider view to global consumer. It is a win-win for both. Wider the reach, bigger the growth.

What if I am not satisfied with the listing service?

Considering the features offered by BizyGlobe for a nominal fee and all its best efforts to publish and promote your business to a global customer base, it would be a very rare case that our business listing service did not meet your expectations. Your business listing along with customer reviews, ratings, and your year-long posted deals, discounts and ad banners would be seen by world of customers in a global view thus increasing your business potential with ever growing customer base from across city, country and world. We are very confident that you will love the listing service and remain our long listing customer. Still not convinced? Please try our free, absolutely no cost and no obligation, trial offer for 90 days.

What currencies are accepted for fee payments?

All your payments are processed by PayPal, a globally known secure payment processing platform, and all payment methods are as accepted by PayPal. Major currencies we accept are US Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Swiss Franc, and Australian Dollar. If your local or regional currency is one of the accepted currencies then your payment should be in your local or regional currency, otherwise the fee would be charged in US Dollars. However, the fee amount (as posted) is same irrespective of payment currency.

Is my information sold or shared with any third party or used for any other purposes?

We hate selling or sharing your user/business information to any third party marketer/advertiser/business. The details you provide for your business listing including business name, address and contact details are publicly searchable and viewable on the online business directory. We DO NOT share or sell your user or business information to any third party explicitly or in bulk. All details of users and business listing owners registered at are stored in Canada based/hosted servers with all respect to Canadian Information and Data Privacy laws. All your subscription payments are processed by PayPal so we DO NOT see or keep any of your payment card details. However, BizyGlobe or its parent company JT TechnoSoft Inc. may disclose your user/business information to uphold the law, and in response to any requests from government/law enforcement to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding suspected illegal activities or fraud, situations involving the physical safety of any person, violations of the terms of use, or otherwise in accordance with applicable law. Please see the Privacy Policy for more details.

Is my email address safe or exposed to any other at

The registered email address of a user is not visible on any listing pages. However a business subscriber can see the email address of a registered user who has sent an enquiry or made a review for the business. All business subscribers registered at BizyGlobe are agreed to abide by the terms and conditions of the site, hence a business subscriber should not misuse the available and visible email address of registered users for any illegal or unsolicited purposes.

Any referral bonus for referring a friend business?

Certainly! We greatly appreciate your referrals and will absolutely be delighted to reward you a referral bonus. You will receive a referral point for every business listing referred by you. Please check your subscriber account for your referral bonus points and reward options. A referral bonus could be a discount in your next annual subscription, a free upgrade to premium package, or more. You would not be disappointed.

How can I draw more customers from listing my business at BizyGlobe?

It is very simple indeed. In today's modern consumer-centric retail world, a satisfied customer review or rating will be a definite boost to your business promotion. Your customers' ratings and reviews will bring other potential customer to your store front quicker. Refer your customers to your business page on and request them to review and rate your service at the site without fail. So, your top rated customer reviews will be highlighted on the directory site thus drawing more attention of potential customers. Since is browsed by global visitors, your potential customer could be from across the street, city or visiting from somewhere else. Your neighbour is a high potential customer to your business. List your business on your local social network, an all secure locality based social network for your neighbourhood, and empower your business listing with a social media muscle. Listing your business in your "local" social media will be an excellent addition for your neighbours attention. Larger the customer base higher the business growth. It is that simple.

How to upgrade my subscription and how does it work?

Sure, better the subscription more the privileges for your business listing at You can upgrade your listing subscription any time during your subscription period. However, an upgrade is only to add additional features to your currently purchased plan but not to extend the subscription period. Meaning, an upgrade will not change the end-date of your currently purchased subscription plan.

How would I know the customer is referred by BizyGlobe?

The coupon presented by customer will show an imprint of BizyGlobe indicating that the customer has checked your business listing, reviews and ratings at and printed the advertised coupon from the site to give your business a try.

How better my advertised coupon can be redeemed by my customers?

To be more compelling and competitive in the modern mobile and internet enabled business world, it may be good idea to accept a coupon presented by its display on a mobile device such as a smart phone, tablet computer, etc. This would be more convenient for your customer to present and redeem a coupon, and also avoid a pile of printed coupons at your desk. Higher the customer convenience better the business results, it is that simple. However, to indicate such acceptance, we recommend you to include such acceptance details in your advertised coupon. For example, 'Show this coupon on your mobile device at our front desk and redeem the (posted) discount on your final bill' for a discount on hotel accommodation.

Why is my business listing not appearing in search results even after its registration?

A simple, quick registration would not list or show the business in search results immediately. A registered business listing should be provided with its physical address/location so that it can be located within a proximity of searched location. cannot show a business listing which does not have a physical address. Please fill in and verify your business location details in the 'Business Profile' page of your subscriber account. The 'Locate on map' button in the Company Profile page ensures your business address is located and mapped correctly. Make sure the ' Keywords' box is filled with your business name, city, category and other suitable key words and tags ensuring a suitable category/keyword will find your business listing to search results.

I dont find my business category on the site, can I recommend one?

Yes indeed! If you do not find an appropriate business category for your business, please recommend one to us and we will review it to add within 24-48 hours. Until we review and add it to the listed categories, please choose the second most suitable category for your business and have your business listed on the site. Meanwhile you can also set your search tags containing your business name and/or applicable category and allow your listing to be found in a business search. Once we approve and add your suggested category to the site, you can modify your business listing to that newly added category. Afraid, we cannot approve a business/category, which is inappropriate or against our publishing policy to list on our site.

How would BizyGlobe help if a customer or user leaves an untruthful or false review or comment for my business?

Although it would be very difficult for us to resolve such issues on the global business directory site, we will try our best to resolve the issue by contacting the registered user to justify his/her comment/remark/review with factual details. If no proper justification is received or the review/remark/comment found to be fake or untrue, we will remove such untruthful or false review/comment/remark from your listing to prevent an impact on your rating reputation. We strongly advise you (ie, the business subscriber) NOT to contact/communicate with/harass the reviewer/commenter directly or indirectly for any justification or answers. reserves the right to cancel your registration and subscription, in case of your direct or indirect involvement to resolve such matters by communication, threat, harassment, or any such manner, without a notice and fee refund.

What happens if I dont renew my subscription in time?

Every listing subscription is annual and expired immediately after the end date of the subscription. Your expired listing will be removed in the periodic cleaning process until which your listing will remain on the platform as a free listing with very basic listing features. You can also request the site-admin to remove the listing completely.

What would cause a termination or elimination of my registration, account or subscription at is primarily a business listing service that is accessible to all groups of public. By registering or subscribing at, you are agreeing to abide by the site's terms of use and you would post only a business listing, picture, text or message that is appropriate and acceptable to all groups of public. A registered user or subscriber of the site should not use for any improper uses such as the transmission of communication of images or text consisting of ethnic slurs, racial epithets, sexually explicit material, obscenities, hate speech or anything else that may be construed as illegally harassing or offensive to others based on an individual's race, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, colour, marital status, veteran's status, age or disability. reserves the right to remove any user account or business subscription, whose message or business listing includes or posts a picture, print, text, or activity that is derogatory, illicit, inappropriate, or against our publishing policy, without prior notice and fee refund. Your business listing, picture, ad, banner or message is discriminatory, derogatory or offensive to any specific group, religion, age or ethnicity will also cause a removal of your account without a fee refund.

What else could cause a removal or termination of my business listing at

As a business promotion platform and listing directory, promotes a business with genuine customer reviews and ratings. We expect our business listing subscribers to be honest, disciplined and ethical. Any listed business owner or subscriber reported and/or proved to be asking, offering or buying a rating or review for a business on the directory site can be removed along with its ratings and reviews without a fee refund.

Registered, but not received any email communication?!

It should not happen, but a mail from might have been dropped into junk/spam folder. Please add the mail address to your white list or safe sender list, so any communication from would not be missed or treated as junk. We are aware of a failing delivery issue pertinent to email addresses of outlook, hotmail, servers. We are trying our best to resolve the issue, meanwhile, please try with other email address if you notice that BizyGlobe mail is missing to be delivered into your email address at hotmail/live/outlook.