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Local Business Directory - Spin and find local business anywhere

BizyGlobe - Local business directory - Find local business at a spin is a local business directory worldwide. With a large directory of spin and find business pages, provides an excellent source of local business information for today's mobile customer from across the street, city, country or visiting from somewhere. It is a gateway to local business, business promotions, discount offers, coupons, customer reviews, ratings and more. 

Promoting local business in a wider view, offers local business an outstanding cost-effective business promotion platform. Growth is what business seeks, promotion is what business needs. A simple but strong marketing strategy for a local business is to list the business where potential customers browse and find it in a nice business page designed solely for the listed business's promotion. A well-designed business page with no third-party distraction is not only a boon for the business promotion, but also an attention drawer to the business page.  is such an excellent marketing strategy and local business directory. 

Our simple but strong strategy for your business promotion is to:  

  •  promote your business with a well-designed business page in global view,
  •  lead your business promotion to a wider customer base,
  •  encourage customers to review, rate, and refer your business to more potential customers,
  •  highlight your business with top-rated customer reviews in the front page,
  •  feature your business ad/banner or click-n-print coupon across the directory site in a local search
  •  promote your business page with customer and social friendly features to contact, refer and  recommend the business,
  •  provide your potential customers an efficient form of contact-the-business enquiry feature,
  •  enable your potential customers make a knowledgeable business with customer reviews and ratings,
  •  list your business page solely for your business promotion but not as a third-party ad platform,
  •  and importantly, let your customer recommendation and word of mouth reference make a magic for  your business promotion  (this works like a magic better than any other, in fact),

Whether it is a spa clinic, hair salon, restaurant, coffee shop, hotel, drug store, dentist, auto shop, or any such shop or service provider, your business will be listed in the globally browsed business directory and promoted to a wider customer attention, thus leading today's mobile customer to your local business quicker and better. is such a widely accessed, efficient, searchable local business directory to promote your local business to a wider customer base. Promoting your local business with your eye-catching promotion/ad/banner in an excellently designed business page, BizyGlobe takes your business promotion to wider and higher customer attention in a better form. Listing the top rated businesses and customer reviews on the main page, featuring local business promotions across the directory site, and listing business pages with no third-party distractions, the directory site is an outstanding cost-effective promotion platform for a local business to reach modern mobile customer. Better the business promotion, higher the customer attention. Wider the customer base, larger the business growth. It is a simple but powerful cyclic growth strategy. is a spam-free local business directory and subscriber-driven business promotion platform. It is a directory of business pages owned by their listing owners. Meaning, a business page is to promote only the listed business and its promotion, but no other third-party business ad or lead on it. For a nominal listing fee, a fraction of small business marketing budget, your upgraded premium listing will feature your pop-n-play promotional video, click-n-direct weblink to your business website and your promotional ad/banner on the business page and across the directory site. To provide you the best-possible cost-effective listing service, all subscriptions are made annual and non-refundable, thus  keeping the billing process simple as well as our operating costs at low. A win-win.

Open your local business to a wider customer base. List your business and welcome a new customer today.


Social media muscle for your business promotion

Now, you can empower your business listing with a social media muscle. List your business at neighbourhood social network,, and have your local customers directed to your business page on Your neighbourhood is your prime customer base.